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Mailbox News     11/06/2006 12:12:23 PM GMT
(Hour 29)
Last Update: 10/06/2006 5:02:41 PM

Account Upgrades

You currently have 80 credits.

Description Duration Cost Action
You can get upgrades for your account to increase your resource production to help give yourself an advantage. To get credits to use on account upgrades, you can either buy them using Paypal, or you can get them for free doing things such as filling out a survey.

Text Message Credits

Description Cost Action
You can convert your credits you have either earnt or bought, and use them for text alerts. Text alerts will send a text to your mobile when your planet comes under attack without even having to be logged into the game.

Here you can upgrade your account to give yourself resource production boosts
and attack/defence advantages. Text message credits allow you to receive a text alert warning to
your mobile when you planet comes under attack (set up your mobile number in the Preferences).

You don't need to pay for credits, as you can get them for free using the link above.