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Mailbox News     11/06/2006 10:48:36 AM GMT
(Hour 29)
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Ruler of Planetname (x:y:z)

Message From Galaxy Wars HQ
This message is viewable by everyone in the game, only admin can set this message
Message From Your Commander / Minister
Your SC and ministers are able to place their own text here which is only viewable to your galaxy. Make sure you vote for the commander of your choice in the Internal Affairs screen!
Military Status

You are under protection for another 41 hours. (You cannot be attacked whilst under protection)
This section will also show if you have any incoming attacks.


Shows what you are currently building


Shows what you are currently researching

Ships (0 units total)
This shows how many ships you have, and of what types
Planetary Defence Systems (0 units total)
This shows how much planetary defense you have, and of what types
Asteroids (0 total)
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Eonium 0   Unknown 0
This shows how many asteroids you have. The more asteroids you have, the more you earn in one hour and the faster you grow. If you have too many of them, you become an attractive target though.