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Here you are able to produce ships that will be the base of your power. Each ship has its own abilities. Depending on how advanced your planet is and how much you've built and researched, your ships get bigger and stronger. You can build as many ships as you want, as long as you have the needed amount of resources. Each ship is labeled with how much of each resource is required to build it. It also shows how many hours it will take to build. The most important ship of course is the Astro Pod. The Astro Pod is only for stealing other planet's asteroids. You need a large number of these if you're looking to attack and gain asteroids and score. Not all ships are equally good though, certain ships only attack certain other ships, so it is wise not to concentrate on one ship type.

EMPs don't destroy ships, they block the enemies ships from attacking. Cargo ships steal resources from the enemies planet.

Current Production

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This is where you produce your spaceships. If this screen is empty,
you must build a Basic Factory in the Construction screen, and wait for it to complete.

The number of items available on this screen depend upon both structures and research.