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Internal Affairs

Your galaxy currently doesn't have a Supreme Commander.

Your galaxy currently doesn't have a Minister of Development.

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Here is where you elect a Supreme Commander. You may want to make sure you pick the correct person for the job, so dont vote for a random person!

In general, the player with the most experience, activity and most in game friends should be SC. If you have any problems, he is the one you should speak to.

After your galaxy elected a SC, he is able to decide who shall be the minister of development, the SC can also set the galaxy name, picture, and galaxy password, and delete topics in the galaxy forum.

The Minister can allocate resources from the galaxy fund to players in need, they can also impose a galaxy wide tax rate up to a maxmimum of 10%.

Both the SC and minister can leave a message on the overview page which is viewable by your galaxy.

It takes 6 votes to reign as Supreme Commander.

Donate resources to the Minister of Development
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