10 December 2023
1 Player Online / Universe RUNNING


Galaxy Wars is a multiplayer online space game you can play in your browser. You start off with an undeveloped planet and a few basic resources. You must amass a fleet and conquer your enemies and become a mighty empire.

A web browser is all that's required to play, no downloads required. Do you have what it takes?


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Game News

20 April 2022
Minor Update

Emoji will now display correctly in forum posts and messages.
27 July 2018
Account Deletion Changes

Now when choosing to delete your account, there is a 48 hour cooldown window in which you can log back in and continue your account. After 48 hours without reinstating your account, it will then be deleted.
23 July 2018
Home Page

The home page that you're currently looking at has now been made responsive. So it will work better on small screen sizes such as mobile phones.
16 July 2018
Galaxy Constructions

The start of galaxy constructions, the first being the Galaxy Jumpgate. More details available on the Internal Affairs page. Your galaxy will need a Minister of Development in order to build this.
12 July 2018
Update 1.1.3

  • Bugfix: Better breaking out of frames when your session times out
  • Feature: No longer possible to attack planets in your own galaxy (anti farming)
  • Feature: Multi detection algorithm improvements. If detected your account will be restricted by not being able to attack/defend your multis, as having multis is against the games terms