22 October 2016

Galaxy Wars

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Galaxy Wars is a multiplayer online space game you can play in your browser. You start off with an undeveloped planet and a few basic resources. You must amass a fleet and conquer your enemies and become a mighty empire.

A web browser is all that's required to play, no downloads required. Do you have what it takes?
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Game News

11 March 2016
Update 1.0.8

  • Bugfix: Shield Generators were incorrectly scored at half of their correct value
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Laser Turrets
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Asteroid Holos
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Shield Gens
  • Feature: Admiral Upgrade now shows max build amounts on the resources page
Work continues on the battle code rewrite.

12 February 2016
Minor Update

Feature: Admiral Upgrade now show 7 days worth of planet statistics instead of 24 hours. Plus the charts are now responsive and work across all devices.

01 February 2016

Various bugfixes.

14 August 2015
Security Enhancements

Secure certificate now installed, and security beefed up on the server. Also improved coding validation on some pages.

12 August 2015
Performance Improvements

Tweaking things behind the scenes to improve page load performance.