22 June 2018

Galaxy Wars

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Galaxy Wars is a multiplayer online space game you can play in your browser. You start off with an undeveloped planet and a few basic resources. You must amass a fleet and conquer your enemies and become a mighty empire.

A web browser is all that's required to play, no downloads required. Do you have what it takes?
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Game News

31 May 2017
Defence Fleets Fixed

Various bugs with defence fleets have been fixed, so they should now work correctly.

14 November 2016
Update 1.1.1

Not wanting to be outdone by the PDS factory, the Shipyard now allows you to cancel ordered ships and you will be refunded for unused resources.

08 November 2016
Update 1.1.0

Due to new management, the PDS factory will now allow you to cancel orders in your build queue. They will give you a refund for any resources that haven't been used. Just click on what you'd like to be cancelled in your build queue on the Defence page.

04 November 2016
Update 1.0.9

The Supreme Commander now has the ability to allow the MoD to view resources for all planets in their galaxy. This will allow the MoD to better decide where to send resources, and remove the need to continually scan planets in your own galaxy.

11 March 2016
Update 1.0.8

  • Bugfix: Shield Generators were incorrectly scored at half of their correct value
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Laser Turrets
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Asteroid Holos
  • Bugfix: Salvage for Shield Gens
  • Feature: Admiral Upgrade now shows max build amounts on the resources page
Work continues on the battle code rewrite.

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