Environmental Impact

An average of 0.14g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits a page on this website.

Over a year, galaxywars.co.uk produces:
  • 8.67kg of CO2 equivalent
  • This is a much CO2 as boiling water for 1,174 cups of tea
  • This site emits the amount of carbon that 1 tree absorbs in a year
  • 23kWh of energy. That's enough electricity to drive an electric car 145km

What have we done so far

Improving the performance of the website is a key aim, and we have implemented a number of improvements already.


This essentially reduces the size of the files on the server before they are downloaded. This can have a significant impact on transmitted file sizes and improve page load times.

Browser caching

When a web page is downloaded, a wide range of different files is required such as images, fonts, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. These files rarely change, but may be downloaded every time a user revisits your website. By adjusting caching settings, a browser can retain the same copy for a longer period of time. Therefore, repeat visits to a website download far fewer resources and load much faster.


This is a more efficient protocol over the previous HTTP 1.1 method that was being used. All modern browsers support this feature which should reduce overall download times for a web page.

Compressing images

Images are one of the worst offenders in contributing to large web page sizes which cause slow page loading times and greater carbon emissions. Often images can be reduced in file size without any loss in visible quality.

Energy supplier

The server, router and other networking components are powered by 100% renewable energy.

What can still be improved

We are constantly seeking to make our web pages more efficient and improving the experience for our visitors. Here are other areas that we are working on.

Streamlining our code

Reducing file size has a big impact on load times, user experience and the environment. Every kb saved can quickly add up to a large cumulative amount. On top of file size reduction methods, we are actively looking at where our website code can be optimized.