Metal: 0 Crystal: 0 Eonium: 0 Score: 0
Mailbox News     11/06/2006 12:12:23 PM GMT
(Hour 29)
Last Update: 10/06/2006 5:02:41 PM


Mining Resources

Basic Planetary Income 25000
Metal Asteroids (0) 0 0 0
Crystal Asteroids (0) 0 0 0
Eonium Asteroids (0) 0 0 0
Bonus (?) 000
Galaxy Tax (0.0%) 0 0 0
Total per hour: 25000
Total per day: 6,00000
Total per week: 42,00000
Here you can see how many asteroid and of what type you have, and how much you earn from them. Basic planetary income can be increased by building and researching more advanced mining technologies. Asteroids can be stolen from your planet, basic planetary income can not.

Each Metal asteroid will earn you 500 metal, each Crystal asteroid will earn you 250 crystal, each Eonium asteroid will earn you 100 eonium.

Your galaxy may have imposed a tax rate, you will be able to see how much this is costing you.

If you have any account upgrades that give you additional resources, you will be able to see how much extra you are getting per hour.

Unknown Resources

Resource Asteroids Type Cost Start Mining


2,000 Metals