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Wave Telescope

Available Energy Packs

Wave Type Target Execute
Asteroid Scan
Number of scans:

Energy Pack Production

Wave Type In Stock Information Hours Order
Here you are able to launch scans on other planets. Depending on what kind of scan you select, you will see different information. If you have asteroid scans available, dont hesitate to scan for them and initiate them in the resources screen!

To get more asteroids you will need to do asteroid scans. The more scans you do, the better your chances of finding an asteroid. The minimum chance of ever finding an asteroid is 30% (so do 3 scans at once and you should find 1 asteroid!). To have a higher % chance of finding an asteroid, you need wave amplifiers. Also, the more asteroids you have, the harder it is to find an asteroid (asteroids cause interference to the scans) so you will eventually need more wave amplifiers.

If your scan gets blocked, it means that the planet you were scanning has jammed your scan and detected your co-ordinates.

Basically the more wave amplifiers you have, more chance you have of a successful scan.

Current Production

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This is where you produce and launch your Telescope Energy Packs. If this screen is empty,
you must build a Wave Telescope on the Construction screen, and wait for it to complete.

The number of items available on this screen depend upon both structures and research.